Athletics: The hero that Gotham deserves likes to base jump from extremely tall heights while showing off his glorious wingspan, well kind of - this unrelated picture is really just worth a chuckle. [Gamma Squad]

Star Wars: Storm Trooper sexiness, Deadpool's fanboy rage and the French's interpretation of the "Star Wars" saga. Honestly, there's pretty much something for everyone here. [Topless Robot]

Publishing: Previews reveals the top 500 comic books published in 2009. [Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc.]

Legal: Bob Garcia has been sued for the creation and printing of five non-profit "Tintin" essays by the widow of "Tintin" creator Hergé. [Boing Boing]

Cameos: Like the heroes of "Lost," comic book writer Jason Aaron has apparently mastered time travel to appear in a 1967 issue of "Fantastic Four." [Matt Fraction]

Lists: An extensive compilation of over 60 "Best Comics of the Decade" lists purports to be the definitive list of the decade. [Hudson Phillips]