Fashion: The only thing cooler than the very fact that this Cyclops/The Scream mashup exists is that you can wear it on your body. [Super Punch]

Art: Confused after last night's "Lost" series finale? You're not alone - but at least you can catch up on all of your favorite characters in truly beautiful fashion! [National Post]

Creators: Kevin Melrose rounds up various reports on the news that "ThunderCats" author Stephen Perry has gone missing under suspicious and potentially ghastly circumstances. [Robot 6]

Television: "Heroes" failed for a reason - five reasons, at least. Graeme McMillian uses the ill-fated series as a cautionary tale for what not to do with a budding television prospect. [Spinoff Online]

Television: Those reports that "Smallville" is ending could be premature, as Tom Welling says there's a chance the show could live past next year's season ten - if the fans are on board, that is! [E! Online]

Porn: In light of the recent popularity surrounding the upcoming "Batman" porn from Vivid Entertainment, io9 rounds up the Caped Crusader's history as a pornography actor. [io9]

Toys: If you weren't already sold on the Comic-Con International exclusive Plastic Man action figure, check out the toy's packaging. [Toy News International]