Legos: Artist Scott Wegener declares the need for an "Atomic Robo" Lego line. [@Scott_Wegna]

Concept Art:

The "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" fan film turned graphic novel releases its first dose of concept art. [@RayDillon]

Theory: According to The Gillen McKelvie Paradigm, the comic book writer/artist team is "a faux-cartoonist, two people trying to work in harmony to do the job which abstractly could be done by one." [Kieron Gillen's Workblog]

Hilarious: Cameron Stewart posits the almighty question - if Nicolas Cage played Mr. Incredible, would the world be a better place? You be the judge. [Nic Cage As Everyone]

Products: Warren Ellis is no longer content with saying "Good Morning Sinners" just on his Twitter feed. [Warren Ellis]

Fashion: Who needs a Tauntaun sleeping bag when you can actually have a Tauntaun - or, at least, something very close to it. [Cockeyed via Super Punch]

Superheroes: Is Batman the Devil? Maybe not literally, but this theory posits that after the events of "Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne," he might as well be. [Funnybook Babylon]