"Thundercats, NOOOOOOOO!" Bad news for fans of the campy 1980s animated series about heroic cat-people today, as industry blogs report the "Thundercats" movie has been shelved. Collider cites sources at Warner Bros. that say that the CGI "Thundercats" movie, which has been in development since 2007, is no more, a development that seems even sadder after the completely awesome fake "Thundercats" fan trailer that hit the web about a week ago, starring Brad Pitt as Lion-O.

Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter recently posted an interview with Bryan Singer, where the fan-favorite director admits that his upcoming "X-Men: First Class" flick would essentially cannibalize most of the "X-Men Origins: Magneto" film that was supposed to be in the works. As you might expect, "First Class" will tell the tale of how Professor Xavier formed the original class of X-Men, and his early archetypal relationship with Magneto, a close friend who later became one of his greatest enemies.

It's hard to be too upset about this, since it seems we'll be getting a lot of the Magneto story in "First Class" anyway, and seeing Singer tackle the origins of my favorite comics team -- a story that I am still excited to hear no matter how many times it gets retold -- seems like a fair tradeoff in my book.