Martin Eden’s award-winning superhero soap opera The O Men is returning for its final issues this March through Titan Comics. The series, which began fifteen years ago, was last published in 2008, but is returning digitally for its final eight issues.

Eden put the series on hiatus to focus on Spandex, a series about a gay superhero team, but is returning to complete The O Men with issue #2.7, picking up in a very different place from where the series left off. When readers last saw the team, they were scattered and broken, and the new series promises to answer the question of what happened to The O Men, and even promises to answer the pressing question of how they got their enigmatic team name.

"I'm very excited to return to The O Men and finally finish the story I started over 15 years ago,” said Eden in a press release from Titan. "I can promise some interesting stories ahead --- and lots and lots of answers to the series' biggest mysteries!"

The O Men will also be releasing a special #7.0 issue, a mini-strip reintroducing the characters to readers. Eden is offering a subscription for all eight final issues of the series for £12. More information can be found at The O Men’s website.

The previous issues of The O Men have been already been collected into four volumes of The Complete O Men, with a fifth and final volume planned for November. The O Men #2.8 is available digitally via Comixology on March 3rd.

Check out pages sample pages from The O Men #2.8 below: