Vending machine goodies tend to be a little bit boring. Sure, the cost is relatively minimal, but when you're paying even $0.25 for a cheap little toy, at least the prize could be somewhat worthwhile. Well, if you're willing to shell out considerably more than $0.25, you might finally be able to get your hands on some legitimately cool vending machine merchandise.

Super Punch has pointed out that these adorable Marvel Heroes Heads are currently up for sale at Gumballs, a website devoted to all of your vending machine needs. As the name and pictures imply, these are essentially little ball-shaped capsules with the faces of your favorite Marvel Comics superheroes attached - but the real kicker is the fact that the capsules open up and reveal full bodies to create an admittedly inarticulate action figure.

The Marvel Heroes Heads are going to cost you $79.95 for a bulk order, so unless you're pretty confident that you can sell the majority of these things while keeping your favorite figures handy, you might want to pass on buying these directly until you see them in a vending machine.[Source: Super Punch]