After the success of Marvel's The Avengers, it's not exactly a surprise that the star of another Marvel comic is headed to the big screen. This time, though, the surprise is in the identity of that Marvel superhero. If you thought Ant-Man or Guardians of The Galaxy movies were unexpected choices, prepare to have your mind blown.According to Deadline, The Human Fly is in development as an independent movie. What's that, you say? You've never heard of the Human Fly? That's not too surprising. The character starred in a 19-issue run of comics published by Marvel between 1977 and 1979, but hasn't made any appearances from the publisher since, in part because he was never actually owned by Marvel. Instead, the Human Fly was a real-life stuntman, although the identity of that stuntman is -- somewhat fittingly, considering it's a secret identity and all -- unclear; some sources claim his name was Joe Ramacieri, while others identify him as Rick Rojatt.

The proposed movie is apparently being developed by Alan Brewer and Steven Goldmann, and being financed by "private-equity sources," Deadline reports, with the movie's script coming from Cirque Du Soleil's in-house historian Tony Babinski. There's already a site up for the movie, with a video that suggests that the finished result may be a documentary about the strange seventies phenomenon instead of the straightforward narrative:

Maybe this is a sign about how Avengers Vs. X-Men will finish. Should we be expecting the Phoenix Fly before too long?