While you're busy waiting for the results of the current "Marvel Universe" action figure poll, why not set your attention on something that's actually guaranteed to arrive in toy stores, like the upcoming third wave of "Marvel Universe" toys?

The wonderful wizards of Marvelous News have posted several images of figures from the upcoming "Marvel Universe" line [Ed. Note: Now available for preorder], with characters including Colossus, Juggernaut, an A.I.M. soldier and Kitty Pryde. Havok and Archangel round out the group as the Fans' Choice winners. It's pretty much a mutant-exclusive roster, which is totally fine by me. I'm very curious to see how the bulky Juggernaut looks when compared to the other considerably slimmer "Marvel Universe" figures, or even a G.I. Joe collection.

I'm also wondering if the arrival of Archangel does some damage to the character's prospects of winning Marvel's current poll - I know it's a different costume design, but is Warren Worthington really deserving of two back-to-back action figure translations? More and more, it's looking like Norman Osborn's battle to lose.[Source: Marvelous News]