Tapping into a humankind's downright repressed desire to squish fake faces, Tech4Kids has released a new line of durable-looking toys bearing the likeness of Marvel Comics superheroes and villains. Marvel Universe Mash'Ems rubberize the visages of Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Wolverine and more, giving would-be squishers plenty of familiar faces to mash. Some are even filled with goo -- just like heads!Since the closest thing to a proper Marvel Comics Madball to ever manifest was a Madballs animated series tie-in comic published by Marvel's Star Comics imprint circa 1987, however, Tech4Kids' line of Marvel Universe Mash'Ems seem like they'll fill the void nicely. Stores like Toys "R" Us list a three pack of the Mash'Ems at around $9, with the "Load N' Launch" pack that includes one Mash'Em and a slinging device for about $6. Single-packed Mash'Ems go for slightly less.

You can see the Marvel Universe Mash'Ems in action below: