Somewhere between "Invader Zim" and style of Humberto Ramos, artist Matt Luxich has cultivated a look that more or less justifies Marvel giving him a "Doctor Octopus" back-up story at some point down the line. In addition to doing commercial artwork for Pep Boys and the board game Quelf, Luxich has produced loads of recreational and concept sketches spanning Captain Caveman, Hellboy, Super Grover and Edward Scissorhands.

His take on Doc Ock looks like its ready to wrap its mechanical arms around some action, though, and you can check him, Yoda, Superman and some other folks out in Luxich's expansive galleries on Actually, one look at his Jawas should be able to convince you that he could provide the appropriate look for some short animated films for George Lucas if he was given a shot.

Bottom line, this Joe Kubert School of Commercial Illustration alumnus has some serious skills, and if you don't like his depiction of Ultraman versus a horde of pink tentacles, you may not be able to be friends with us here at ComicsAlliance.