Miguel Robeldo can do a lot with subtle facial expressions and exaggerated proportions. Mostly, he likes to make brawny cowboy-type guys and cute sci-fi ladies. They appear in his artwork in silent moments of contemplation, as does Batman. And let it be known that Robeldo draws one heck of a Batman.If you're solid on reading Spanish (or just have Google translator handy), you should check out Robeldo's personal blog, as well as his deviantART account, where he posts his latest creations. He keeps things fresh and classy-looking with a clean, peppy style awash in European charm.

Mostly, he just makes us ponder how awesome it would be to own a rocketship, though -- or be Batman. Either one would be mighty fun, even if thing get a bit lonely, as they often seem to do in Robeldo's work. Have a look at his art down below and decide whether or not you would be happy on another planet.