The Plain JanesI am so excited for the Minx Line! Yay DC! Doin' a little something for the ladies (and the open-minded gentlemen). The Minx Line, as you have read in other posts on, is a new line coming out from DC that is focused on young adults.

This comes none too soon in my opinion. There has not been enough attention given to this age group, especially girls in this age group, in the comic world. I, as a girl, have always found it frustrating that no one is willing to produce something that I would want to read in comic form. I enjoy a comic book, but I find it hard to relate to a buff man in spandex.

But I do not find it at all hard to relate to the characters in the flagship book of the Minx Line, "The Plain Janes". These girls are willing to be whoever they want to be and they are not afraid to show it. That is the kind of character I want to read about! I want to know how they are going to handle their families and their classmates and still be the person that they want to be.

So, I have to say extreme kudos to DC for giving us something new and different. It was a brilliant move to bring in a writer that was familiar with the genre, Cecil Castellucci. She has done a great job of creating a book that will appeal to a young female audience, as well as an older one. She just wrote a great story that will be a good read for anyone that picks it up.

I just have to repeat, I am so excited! I will give you a full review of "The Plain Janes" as soon as I can. Until then, think very positive thoughts about this new line!