Spider-Man and Wolverine have been redesigned to look like screaming Rugrats characters in the looney big-headed artwork of Mud. As an illustrator, he slams the energy of a disgruntled infant and wobbly bodies together to pay tribute to well-known comics heroes, as well as a few video game icons like Mega Man and Pac-Man.
Given that the PlayStation 3 was able to grab a Kratos exclusive in the new Mortal Kombat iteration, it's too bad Mud's version of Namco's yellow ghost chomper couldn't squeeze into the Xbox 360 edition. You'll still be able to find him on Mud's I Do the Dirty Work blog, though.

You really have to feel for the poor flower on the receiving end of Mega Man's

water attack there. The little guy doesn't seem to have the means to defend himself. But then again, those little hard-hatted pedestrian Mets in the Mega Man games always looked unassuming too. Surely the blue bomber knows what he's doing.