Indie comics icon Jeff Smith is returning to his most famous creation for two new projects, "Bone: Tall Tales" and "Bone: Quest For The Spark." The creator broke down his upcoming projects at his blog, including production artwork from his illustrated novels.

"Tall Tales" will frame previously published "Bone" short stories in a campfire setting, with Smiley Bone and Bartleby back in Boneville dropping some science on three young Bone scouts.

"Quest For The Spark" will also be published as a series of three children's novels written by Tom Sniegoski and illustrated by Smith that tell the story of a new generation of Bone characters traveling to the Valley. Smith was careful not to classify this project as a direct sequel, meaning it won't necessarily be "Bone" canon.

With Smith's "RASL" on track for quarterly publication and the standalone "Rose" prequel being re-released in August, Smith's stable of work is wider than ever. Could we one day see a direct "Bone" sequel?