After a two-year stint scaling back on its Spidey offerings to focus on the thrice-monthly "Amazing Spider-Man," Marvel announced today that the character-driven "Web of Spider-Man" title will return this October, and initially focus on familiarizing fans with the likes of the Lizard, Electro and...Kaine.

Marvel's official press release is pretty clear when it states the series, "...kicks off with a bang, as one of Spider-Man's greatestand most controversial foes returns!" Controversial? No kidding.

It's one thing to draw from the potentially evil past of Peter Parker clone Ben Reilly in the recent "Amazing Spider-Man Annual #36," but is Kaine, Parker's deformed, insane, failed clone in a cape really on any fans' wish list? I guess if nostalgia was powerful enough to bring back "foilgram" covers, it's a strong possibility.

Each "extra-sized" issue will also be bolstered by "Spider-Girl" stories from original series writer Tom DeFalco, which seems appropriate given how heavily that alternate future draws from '90s "What If?" continuity (much of which DeFalco had a hand in).

None of the promotional material indicates the return of the controversial Lady Octopus -- yet -- but the '90s are definitely coming back to comics back in a big way, which may justify that multi-pouch purchase you've been considering.