I'm willing to ignore reality on many occasions, but most recently I confess to wanting to believe that a toy AT-AT had somehow gained canine-like mannerisms and become a part of Patrick Boivin's family. My deliberate, and unhealthy, suspension of disbelief aside, fans can now catch a behind-the-scenes look at just how Boivin brought a miniature snow-stomper to life in his "AT-AT Day Afternoon" short.

The "Making of AT-AT Day Afternoon" video shows off Boivin's various special effects skills, to say nothing of his camera work and taste for totally gorgeous lighting. As robust as the filmmaker's skill set is, it's especially interesting to see the basic Dremel Tool work employed to disassemble his vintage AT-AT toy before rebuilding it to suit his unique needs. Perhaps Boivin can give fans a look at the making of his "Iron Baby" short from earlier this summer.

Watch a master at work after the jump.

[Via Toysrevil]