The Joker has been drawn in a thousand different ways in and out of Batman comics, but Ryan Hall really nails something terrifying about the iconic villain in his cracked ceramic-looking take on the Clown Prince of Crime's smile. Hall possesses an exaggerated, street-art kind of style. His energized line work melds the mass and sharp edges of Chris Bachalo with the emotion attitude of Skottie Young.
The Venom sketch you'll see on Hall's deviantART account sends his line work completely out of control in the best way possible. There's a ton of beautiful art there keeping the black symbiote company, too, from X-Men and Street Fighter portraits to a cowboy bear (cowbear?) with a gun.

His Magneto makes the biggest splash, though. Showing the trail that a would-be assassin's bullet traveled before the Master of Magnetism pulled little thing over his head and into his hand is just a brilliant concept. Check it out along with some other fine pieces below.