As one of the most popular manga and anime characters of all time, Naoko Takeuchi's Sailor Moon has naturally received scores of video games adaptations released across all manner of consoles over the years. The bad news? Not all of them made it to North America despite the fact that they star a team of magical teens who cut through evil with the same efficiency as most Power Rangers and X-Men lineups. So what's a fan to do when Sailor Moon RPGs, fighting games, arcade style side scrollers and other options don't make it across the Pacific? Well, make a Doom 2 mod, of course!

As seen in YouTube user BankaiIchigo12345's video capture, somebody took a lot of time arming Sailor Moon with her most famous signature weapons and attacks as opposed to, say, just having her carry a BFG around. The environment hasn't been completely reskinned in this mod, but it does pack a lot of Sailor Scout posters and appropriately themed power-ups. The only real point of dissonance comes from the bad guys. Most of them are classic Doom monsters, but it kind looks like she also fights... Vegetas? Who die and turn into anime girls? I seriously don't recognize the foe with the spiky blue hair.  In any case, I think I to take this mod for a spin now.

[Via Kotaku]