I think it's safe to say we've finally reached a point where musicians can make comics without a lot of undue fuss on the part of fans. Yeah, we're still happy to mock the fakers until they're ashamed enough to quietly stop damaging the medium (you know who you are fakers!), but fortunately it feels like a tide is turning where creative types from all kinds of disciplines feel like they can try their hand at sequential art.

Take Say Anything's Max Bemis. The dude likes comics, got Bone creator Jeff Smith to do the artwork on SA's last album (which is essentially better than the ultimate fan sketchbook entry), gave his band's latest album a super hero aesthetic and even aims to put his name on a title when the time is right.In an interview at Marvel.com, Bemis dropped the hint primed for my blogtastic attention:

"I've also begun to write my own comics, but that probably won't get thrown into the public eye for a while because I'm a perfectionist."

Ha! Too late! Now we're watching you, guy.

Though SA fans would likely be stoked to see Bemis follow in the steps of cats like Gerard Way, Claudio Sanchez and others, isn't it nice to think that fandom is reaching a point where those unfamiliar with a creator's musical roots don't have to be manhandled by marketing that screeches their ties to rock and roll? As a metal kid in the process of growing up, I think the answer is yes.