Coincidence comes in many forms, but somethings the way events align is nothing short of awkward.

Hours before Kennedy's overnight death, Bluewater Productions issued a press release announcing the upcoming, "Political Power: Ted Kennedy," which was apparently the first comic in the line that was approved for production when the line was announced.

"You might not agree with his views. But you have to agree that Ted Kennedy is an American icon of politics," said Bluewater president Darren G. Davis in an official press release.

Bluewater Press' "Political Power" and "Female Force" lines of biographical comics have been documenting famous and influential people in comics for some time, including US President Barack Obama, Oprah, Stephenie Meyer, Michelle Obama and others. This seems to be a case of unintended timing on their part.

The issue, written by Brent Sprecher and illustrated by Alejandro Figueroa is currently scheduled for a November release.

[Via MTV Splash Page]