Rec Room: ‘Mad Men’ & ‘Parker: The Hunter’
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If you like "Mad Men," then try "Parker: The Hunter."
Both the AMC television series and Darwyn Cooke's comic adaptation of the Richard Stark crime novels are h…
Content Update for Superman Confidential Issues
Press Release
Originally scheduled to appear in SUPERMAN CONFINDENTIAL #6 (MAY070149), the final chapter of the story "Kryptonite," written by Darwyn Cooke and illustrated by Tim Sale, will be rescheduled to appear in a future issue of SUPERMAN CONFIDENTIAL
Cooke, Bone Lose The Spirit
During today's interesting old school Q&A exchange between fans, J. Bone and Darwyn Cooke revealed they'll be leaving The Spirit with issue 12. The end came as a result of Bone being unavailable for a second year (a graphic novel from Bone in the works) and Cooke's desire not …