Read the COMMON FOE Conclusion for Free
Press Release
Desperado Publishing is thrilled to announce that it is offering the fifth and final issue of Keith Giffen and Shannon Eric Denton's Common Foe limited series for FREE download at the website.
"Lateness is, unfortunately, a common occurrence with many small p…
Desperado Titles for August Releases
BLACK MIST #1 (of 2)Story by JAMES PRUETTArt by MIKE PERKINSCover by JORDAN RASKIN64 pg, full color, $ 5.99The corpse of a recently murdered woman. The Death Cult of Kali. The reincarnation of a dark goddess of death. An unwilling host must struggle internally between an ancient evil and her own con…
Paul Jenkins’ Sidekick #5 Out the Door and on the Way!
Press Release
Desperado Publishing is happy to announce that 2006's funniest limited series is now 2007's funniest conclusion. Fans of Paul Jenkins and Chris Moreno's Paul Jenkins' Sidekick five-issue limited series who have patiently waited for the jaw-dropping, gut-wrenching fin…