Custom Comic Book Lego MiniFigs Will Not Be Denied
When it comes to custom toys, few mods bring a smile to brickphiles like the calm expression of a Lego dude (or dudette) clad in some killer threads. That's why when I came upon these in my Interwebulous nightly travels, I had to spread the word...
Cubedudes: 18 Superheroes Built out of Legos
Ah, Legos. Much like biological cells, these tiny little blocks contain within them the potential to build so many things: medieval castles, space stations, pirate ships, and now -- superheroes.
An enterprising toy builder named Angus MacClane has created tiny Lego versions of many of your favorite c…
Link Ink – Squirrel Crasher, Jack Kirby, Lego Animation
-- 11 brilliant Jack Kirby covers that'll make your eyes pop out.
-- The ground squirrel that crashed a thousand photos shows migrates to the Laugh-Out Loud Cats.
-- A bunch of guys spent 1,500 hours moving around Legos and taking pictures of them, with occasionally spectacular results...