NBM Publishing December Solicitations
Boneyard #27By Richard Moore
Ever wonder what your favorite Boneyard characters would look like as mermaids? Superheroes? Robots? Of course not. Prepare to find out anyway, as Abbey and the gang visit multiple worlds to track down their friend Paris, who is stranded in the hostile realm of Faerie
NBM New Releases for September
BONEYARD #26By RICHARD MOOREComic book, black-and-white interior art, color cover, $2.95A favorite since its first issue, Boneyard is about Michael Paris, a nice guy who inherits a graveyard and finds that it's the home of bizarre creatures such as the cute vampire Abbey, the brainy but inept d…
Boneyard Hits #25!
Press Release
Richard Moore's popular comedy of horrors, BONEYARD, reaches issue #25 in May. A favorite since its first issue in the spring of 2001, the quarterly BONEYARD has only been growing more popular. Last month, BONEYARD publisher NBM Publishing quickly sold out all copies of BONEYARD #2…