This Magazine Kills Fascists: Living Under A ‘Dark Reign’
This Magazine Kills Fascists looks at times that comic books and superheroes have dealt with tyrannical, corrupt and outright fascist world leaders — not because we think we can find a solution, but because art can provide inspiration in the face of oppression.

Today, for absolutely no reaso…
Roundtable Review: Talking About ‘Siege’ #4 [Spoilers]
ComicsAlliance writers Chris Sims, David Brothers and David Uzumeri sit down for a roundtable discussion about the newly released "Siege #4. WARNING: SPOILERS FOLLOW.

Laura: Kick it off, David.
David U: Brian Michael Bendis and Olivier Coipel's "Siege" is the capstone to a five-year eve…
Deadpool Variant Channels ‘Da Ali G Show’
Marvel's finally released the cover image to its exclusive "Siege" #3 Deadpool variant cover by J. Scott Campbell.
I think the cover had something to do with some controversial "comics for comics" promotion...but the glorious sight before me makes it difficult…

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