What's the easiest way to improve an already striking piece of Juggernaut art? Set him on fire! Takun Williams cranks up the color in his portraits of popular characters, which look like graphic clipart on acid, perhaps with a little touch-up work from Brian Chippendale on occasion.
His flaming rainbow Juggernaut will captivate you and become your friend. So will his many other slightly psychedelic takes on Big Bird, Boba Fett and Wonder Woman, which appear in his Tumblr feed. Be careful, as a few of the lady images floating around in there may be NSFW. Everything he makes seems to get kissed with beautiful neon fire, though, so do check him out eventually. Your eyes will thank you.

Williams' portraits give the impression that if there was a church that considered Wednesday Addams and Adam West's Batman to be saints, this is the type of imagery that would be displayed in their stained glass windows. For now, they'll have to rest on his Tumblr, and in a small sampling below, though.

[Via Geek Art]