The Chronicles of WormwoodWritten by Garth Ennis
Art by Jacen Burrows

I have to admit that I am generally not a Garth Ennis fan. Not that I don't think he can write well, because I do, but more because what he writes tends to be filled with more violence and gore than I can handle. I am member of the video game generation, but apparently I played all the wrong games.

"Chronicles of Wormwood" (not to be confused with "Wormwood Gentlemen Corpse") may be changing my mind about Ennis books, or at least convincing me to take a second look. It is about the Anti-Christ, Danny Wormwood, who has chosen not to be the Anti-Christ. Instead he runs a television channel, which some say amounts to about the same thing. The book Chronicles his life, including his talking rabbit, friendship with Jesus Christ and his relationship with women (here's a hint: he's not very good at them).

This is only the first issue of this series, but I think that it could be very interesting because it shows two people, the Anti-Christ and Jesus Christ, who have both decided to take a very hands-off approach to the religious aspects of other people's lives. In fact, Danny gives a whole diatribe about how people should leave their religions at home and respect that other people have made other choices and have other beliefs in their lives. I am very drawn to the idea of important religious figures advocating religious choice.

Beyond these thought-provoking ideas this book, like most Ennis books, has a lot of crude humor, violence and sex. On the one hand it might be more than I want to read about. On the other there is a pool filled with whale sperm. How can that not be funny?

"The Chronicles of Wormwood" is a very thought-provoking idea that I am curious to see where it goes. However, it has been behind since before it started to be published so might be awhile before I get to find out if its promise comes to fruition.