What is The Daily Batman, you ask? According to creator Kevin Church, who also writes webcomics "Lydia" (about working in a cubicle farm) and "The Rack" (about working in a comic shop), "It's exactly what it sounds like: a website that provides a daily dose of the Caped Crusader to those who might need such a thing. So, really, it's a website that EVERYONE should visit."

The initial idea for the site actually came from Bully, the Little Stuffed Bull (a.k.a. John DiBello). "He literally said, 'You know, a website that just posted pictures of Batman would be a great thing.' I went and made it happen," said Church. "Yes, I have conversations with little stuffed bulls who read comics."

Although the Batman panels Church uses can come from any era "it's really the oddities of each era that keeps me coming back, particularly from the 50s sci-fi era and the Silver Age 'New Look' stuff."

Pressed to pick a favorite, Church points out an upcoming "Daily Batman" that I will describe only as the "hobo jungle" picture -- for that and more, check out The Daily Batman, which updates, well, daily.