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Christian publishing and media firm, UMI (Urban Ministries, Inc), and Guardian Line creator, Michael Davis are excited to announce the release of The Guardian Line Alpha Issue.

The Alpha Issue, scheduled to release in June, gives the reader a look into the purpose of the Guardian Line characters through the eyes of The Messenger. Readers become a part the Guardian universe, as background details of the series are revealed through this no-stone-unturned epic. Highlights revealed include insight to Code's mysterious, forgotten past.

Launched in December 2006, The Guardian Line consists of four separate faith-based series with edge-Joe and Max, The Seekers, Genesis 5, and Code-that take place in the fictional city of New Hope. All of the series feature the three essentials of a Michael Davis universe: strong African American characters, a multicultural cast (some with extraordinary powers) and a guy named Larry.

The focus of each series is the timeless battle of good versus evil in the form of characters chosen to fight New Hope's nefarious nemesis, Steven Dark, While UMI wields its considerable experience to tailor the positive content to fit the needs of its market, Michael and a team of experienced A-list comic creators have crafted a comic universe that will surpass the expectations of seasoned comic readers who may be skeptical of a faith-based series.

The Guardian Line
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