Compared to other forms of entertainment, comics has always been one of the most accessible industries for fans who want to reach out and communicate with the people who make them. With more and more celebs joining Twitter, it's no surprise that people throughout the comics industry are tweeting away, both with fans and with each other. Each week, I'll be bringing you the comics world in 140 characters or less with the most interesting tweets of that week from the comics pros.

-Neil Gaiman: Is there anywhere I could order a clutching dead zombie hand that would stand up to midwestern outdoors weather? It's to perk up a headstone

-Warren Ellis: You know what I need? Another cigarette, and to punch myself in the jiunk eight or nine times. Be right back.


Neil Gaiman: Thank you to everyone who twitted to say they liked Detective 853. And esp. to those who admitted to shedding huge sniffly man-tears.
YueFairchild @neilhimself Me included. Please be the father of my children, sir.
Neil Gaiman:
@yuefairchild you know, someone writing a sniffly Batman comic is not a solid basis to decide who gets to father your children.