Much as I like daily coupons in my e-mail, even the most prominent of services only seems to cater to my direct interests a few times a month (I can only spend so much time in spas, you know?). Now that I've been alerted to the deals at, however, I'll have to be more judicious in my daily e-mail purges -- turns out they've got some legit savings on comic book trade paperbacks and hardcovers, with items like action figures and other fan-friendly merch to come.While it's been referred to as a "Groupon for geeks," Thwipster's super clean interface is actually downright easier to use than many daily deal services because it's not communal. There's no minimum number of people who have to sign up for a given deal for it to go live. A new discounted item (today it's an already sold-out Old Man Logan trade) simply pops up each day for interested eyes to peruse. There's also a longer-running weekly item (this week it's The Walking Dead Vol. 1 HC), which offers additional temptation.

As far as Thwipster's prices go, the deals seem pretty solid so far. Even with the cost of shipping factored in, the site's last several offerings beat the prices at sites like Amazon by a few bucks, meaning signing up for the daily e-mail, or just bookmarking the site for casual visits could be worth your while if you're looking to beef up your bookshelf.

Personally, I'm most excited to see some deals on action figures or t-shirts in the future. If Thwipster can save me some moolah on decent toys, the service may merit a digital scruffy man hug.

Should your life descend into financial chaos after succumbing to facilitated spending sprees, it's also very easy to unsubscribe from Thwipster's daily e-mails. You're probably not going to want to, but it's always nice to know any commercial site you've opted into communicating with won't nefariously spam your inbox.

[Via Thwipster]