Nickelodeon may now, more or less, own the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles outright, but previous animators 4Kids still have one heaping sendoff for the green machines.

I was sort of worried that the planned "Turtles Forever" animated movie we've been seeing posters and teasers for would somehow get lost in the transition, but it appears all is well - like really well - based on this new trailer.

While I previously believed the movie would star just two generations of turtles ('80s and modern day) - we've now got visual confirmation that Eastman and Laird's original black and white heroes in a half shell will be making the scene, righteous scowls and all.

The special will air on the CW4Kids Network on Saturday, November 21. So far, no DVD or digital releases have been confirmed, but it's 2009 - I'm sure you CW4Kidsless folks can figure out a way to watch it...

[Via Toplessrobot]