Horrific and cute just do not go well together all of the time, and comics and online art communities have no shortage of Tim Burton and Jhonen Vasquez wannabes. Luckily, there are some artists out there who know how to make peppy, macabre characters that still look dark, fresh and clean, and Serbia's Vanja Todoric is one of them.She's got this nifty Ben Templesmith meets "Death Jr." quality about her work, and the bundles of elements she routinely throws in will gives your eyes a lot to play with. And did we mention that the archives at her blog sport some killer Masters of the Universe and Snarf redesigns?

Todoric seems to have the digital thing down. Her layers and lighting bring on the depth, while her 'tooning skills and character designs do the dancing. Oh, also there are pandas eating human body part soup after the jump. Scroll down below and enjoy!