Captain America DiesWhy?

Why kill Captain America? What did he ever do to you? He fought Nazis. He fought terrorists. He led the Avengers. And most importantly - he stood for something in the Marvel Universe. And now he's dead. Or at least as dead as one can get in a world where Bucky and Captain Marvel - the two most dead heroes ever - are among the living.

I wasn't really a fan of Civil War. I applaud the effort to do something different, but the execution and outcome was lacking to me as a fan. But now, as if all of that mess weren't enough, they've killed Captain America.

Was Cap's monthly comic bad? No. In fact it was one of the best, most critically acclaimed books on the market. Did people not like Cap? No, pretty much everybody I knew was rooting for him in Civil War. Is this a cheap stunt or a landmark story? It's hard to have a good feeling about this situation right now...maybe I'm just in mourning.
So now we wait 'til Cap somehow returns. We'll see how bad "a world without Captain America" can be. I'm starting to wonder if this is all leading to some giant re-boot of the Marvel Universe. Like Crisis, only with more pit-stops and shenanigans.

At least being dead, Cap won't have to be around to see what a joke this has all become.

R.I.P. Cap - see you whenever your movie rights get green-lit.