Wormwood Gentleman Corpse is a fun, original and slightly disgusting comic. This fifth issue starts the second story arch of the series written and illustrated by Ben Templesmith. Templesmith is best known for his work illustrating 30 Days of Night.

The first story arc of Wormwood led us through Wormwood's attempt to save us all from a demon that wanted to break through a dimensional barrier and everyone. The second story arc, which starts with this issue, follows Wormwood as he tries to save himself from the most horrible of all fates, a leprechaun bite.Wormwood is a huge fan of the leprechaun fights, which he indulges in this issue. He sets off to take in the monthly fights, though he does not seem to be exactly welcome there. Despite his uncertain welcome Wormwood enters the arena ready for the action. Unfortunately, the fight comes a little too close to Wormwood when one of the leprechauns shows an unsavory attraction for Pendulum, Wormwood's robot bodyguard. In the melee, Wormwood gets bitten by the leprechaun offender. Wormwood quickly learns that the only cure for a leprechaun bite is to have its curse lifted by the leprechaun queen. The only problem is that no one has ever seen the queen. But that does not stop Wormwood from jetting off (well, riding in a monster truck off) to go find her.

The charm of Wormwood Gentlemen corpse is in its attitude. It never takes itself very seriously and invites you to join in on the joke. Wormwood is sarcastic and self-involved, but somehow appealing. His supporting cast of characters seemed to find him loathsome, but still will go to extraordinary lengths for him. But the lengths are hilarious and the endings spellbinding, though in more of a grotesque kind of way than a fairy tale one.

The art of Wormwood Gentleman Corpse is very much the art of Ben Templesmith. Templesmith uses a combination of hand drawings and Photoshop manipulation. It is a fascinating artistic style that underlines the myriad of possibilities available to comic book artists. It is rare to find an artistic medium that allows you to embrace new forms of artistic expression. That is exactly what Templesmith as done. He has manipulated an old artistic tool, drawing, with a new one, Adobe Photoshop, and created an art style that is uniquely his own.

Wormwood Gentleman Corpse is a great read with a unique and engaging artistic style. Anyone who is interested in reading a new book that is not focused on a traditional hero should give Wormwood a chance.