"X-Men 3" was an unfortunate movie. While it didn't quite reach the genre-killing depths of, say, "Batman Forever" or the sheer ridiculousness of "Catwoman," it followed two films that had taken the mutant superhero team to both the big screen and the mainstream in a way that felt both faithful and exciting. That is, until "X3" sent the franchise into a craptastic tailspin that has often been blamed on director (and recent nerd-heckler) Brett Ratner.

If you're still feeling bittersweet about the whole affair, you may be interested in a glimpse into the "X3" that might have been, courtesy of "X2" screenwriter Michael Dougherty, who talked through some ideas for a Phoenix-focused movie with Bryan Singer before the "X-Men" and "X2" director left the franchise. Highlights include Cyclops building the Danger Room(!), and an ending where Rogue doesn't get "cured" of the disease of being herself to score boys.

Dougherty also said he was interested in taking the concepts he developed for the film and finally bringing them to life... as a comic. "I think it would be fun to go back and maybe do the comic book version of what we would have done, the 'What If?' version," said Dougherty.

It would be fun, if a little ironic, considering that Phoenix survives in Dougherty's version -- and that "What If... Phoenix Had Not Died" is already one of the most notable titles in the "What If?" series.