3D is all the rage these days, thanks to James Cameron and his three-dimensional "Avatar" world of blue aliens, which is apparently so wonderful that the mere idea of never being able to live in this magical fantasy land is plunging people into depression.

But while 3D comics have been around for a while -- and popped up again recently during "Final Crisis" to represent a voyage into the 4th dimension -- it's not a technique you really see in webcomics. After all, there'd be no way to give the reader 3D glasses... Unless of course your 3D comic didn't need 3D glasses at all, like this webcomic by Doctor Popular, which throws out the stereoscopics shades in favor of animated gifs that give the panels an illusion of depth -- what he calls parallax scrolling.

Doc Popular says that "the advantages of this technique include; no glasses necessary, plays on browsers without requiring Flash, can use any colors, and works for people who can't get the 3D effect from stereoscopic glasses." While it takes a much longer time to make, it's an interesting technique that savvy webcomics creators might enjoy adding to their repertoire.

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