CA writer Chris Sims recently held his 4th annual 30-second recap contest, where readers at the Invincible Super-Blog were instructed pick a comic book story or arc, and try to sum it up in their own comic in less than 10 panels, with shoddy art both accepted and encouraged.

The full list of entries and winners were posted last night, and they are totally a treat. A concise version of "Batman: Cacophony" took top honors, but two other entries that really stood out to me as particularly worth of wider appreciation: a "Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.LD." recap by Tim Curtin that involves the dialogue "You're Nick f---ing Fury, not Chartres cathedral" and ends with a C&C Music Factory dance-off; and a decade by decade breakdown of the History of DC Comics in 8 panels by Brandon Bragg:

Click through below to read those two in their entirety, and hit up the winners page for the rest of the best, as there are over 30 to choose from, and many of them highly entertaining.

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