Hey, it's Adam WarRock! Former co-host/producer of War Rocket Ajax! Comic Book Rapper dude! All up in yo grill. Rappers say that, right?

So I'm a week late with this Rap-Up, and I apologize for that. I was on tour. I was in places like Utah and Montana, where they have these things called, mountains? I don't know, I live in the Mid-South. Anyway, I'm back now, with some more Rap-Up goodness, and I'll never leave again. That is until I go on tour again in like a day. And then go to SXSW where I'll be performing on March 13!

Before I go, I wanted to say that I've recently read some of the best issues of comics in my entire life. No, not trades. ISSUES. I know, right? I don't believe it either. But it's totally true. I never believed in my life I could still be so moved, surprised, and impressed by comics, but lately, I have been with a handful of titles, and the general feeling I have towards what's coming out by both mainstream and indie comics is that things are pretty good. It's just something worth remembering, when you take a break from all the hate and negativity that gets bandied about online. Enjoy it.

Anyway, enjoy the Rap-Up. Be back later this month for some more.

Adam WarRock ComicsAlliance Rap-Up 3-3-12 (MP3 | Youtube)

Beat by Mikal kHill


Sorry I missed a week. Let's get back to it.
Ayo I'm here to rap up all your comic book news
Open up my web browser, while I click and peruse
Been gone for two weeks on a west coast tour
So I'm here to rep it for ComicsAlliance once more
Happy Valentine's Day, even if it's belated
And so I'll send you a gender swapped card that's been created
By the maker of the Chester 5000 robotics
This is me blowing a kiss to the women in comics
And I don't mean to treat you like Milo Minara would
Haters on the internet, don't share our interests
I wanna tell people I'm a comic book man,
But not how they portray my scene on television
It's all good, get the skeletons out
Because Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance just came about
So it wasn't the best, with a crazy Nick Cage
I'm a still watch whatever Neveldine and Taylor make
Still feel great for the state of comics today
And the slate of all the titles that's coming along the way
Phonogram, Mara, all the titles I gotta get
Big ups to Sam Humphries now he's writing the ultimates
And I read the Dark Angel saga before I left for the tour
By Rick Remender on Uncanny X-force
And that, with Wolverine and the X-Men and Daredevil
Make me thankful that I'm here to see the comics that develop
With the people that do it for the love, because it's real
When I'm reading new comics, that's the way it should feel.
And I've been driving on the road going from state to state
Rocking with the comic fans, as we're staying up late
And I'm running out of steam, b/c I rocked 9 shows
And I got like 9 more, because I'm back on tour
Cuz by this time two weeks I'll be at south by southwest
Wearing my Batwoman tshirt, on stage left
Thank god, for ComicsAlliance
And the fans in the industry
Comics every Wednesday
The scene is giving me
The energy to rep it for males and females
Big ups to all the haters who's sending in emails
It's the rap up

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