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Uh oh, ComicsAlliance gave me the keys to the blogmobile, so here I am writing my first ever post.

Hi, it's Adam WarRock, former co-host of War Rocket Ajax and the Internet's foremost comic book rapper, back with another ComicsAlliance Rap-Up. This was the first week of the new year with some fairly juicy news items, what with movie trailers, heavy issues in comics, and a certain famous, heralded work that is all of a sudden in the news... again. So let's get right to it.

PS - I have a new album coming out next Monday, Feb. 13, maybe you'd be interested in it? Pre-order it now.

Adam WarRock ComicsAlliance Rap-Up 2-11-12 (MP3 | Youtube)

Beat by Mikal kHill


"Who watches the watchmen, before they were watched

Back when Jon Osterman was still fixing clocks
Back when Ed Blake was still laughing
Sally Jupiter fought
And Veidt still had half an hour to talk
B/c either The Watchmen's an untouchable work
Or DC's just a corporation same as all else
And either you let the characters live and die in the past
Or you work to put some new stories back on the shelf
So we stand, Before the Watchmen, some say a dirty deal
Or an inevitability of life in of itself,
B/c Spider-Man was rebooted, and the trailer was released
And it looks pretty amazing if I say so myself.
Big ups the G-men winning the superbowl
Sorry to Tom Brady or that pass dropped by Wes Welk
But I still believe in Heroes so we saw the Avengers
Fully assembled in the city, now the summer's looking pretty
How far comics have come, mainstream used to laugh
when they called them graphic novels, or trade paperbacks,
Now we run the summer movie slate, and publishers survive
Cuz Image just celebrated 20 years, in fact..
And from the past, see the rise of the Phoenix again
Man I remember as a kid, I cried when I read that
Cuz who says comics can't tackle the bigger things
Go ask Joss Whedon, when you're seeing just where buffy is at
And Max Landis drunkenly sees Knightfall
How Superman died and came back, and make some wise cracks
And it's funny, but it's comics, everybody, tell me what you expect?
we thought a giant squid monster was all that?
So who watches the Watchmen, I'll watch them even if
Some new stories will drift down the pike nowadays
But I can still read the stories that I held so dear..
With the firm strong belief that no one can take them away
it's the rap up..."