If you're reading comics news online, chances are pretty good that you have some pretty strong feelings about the X-Men. We know we do. But the question is, are your feelings about the X-Men so strong that you're willing to do an entire ten-song hip hop album dedicated to Marvel's Merry Mutants? Because Adam WarRock's are.

Adam -- also known as friend of ComicsAlliance Eugene Ahn -- has not only done exactly that, but he's offered up the entire album, Watch The Throne (X) as an exclusive free download right here at CA! Check out a few of the tracks and grab the album after the cut!If you know Euge at all, you'll know that he loves talking about the X-Men at any opportunity. As for why he wanted to rap about them, I'll let him explain:

Is it weird that everytime I think about "Watch the throne," I always imagined Professor X? I guess I think about the X-Men way too much. Anyway, I took some of the instrumentals from Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch the Throne album and made it about things in the X-Universe. Save for one song, I wanted to focus on things that weren't just individual heroes. I wanted to focus on bigger ideas and concepts for song bases.

And most of all, I wanted to make a song out of that "H.A.M." beat for a while now, and turn it into something nerdy. Cross that off the bucket list.

Anyway, enjoy the 10 track album and thanks for listening.

You can grab the entire album (complete with liner notes and album art) right here, plus check out more awesome (free) music at AdamWarrock.com. Or, for those of you who want to check them out before making the space on your hard drive, here are a few tracks on YouTube. Keep in mind that there is some NSFW language involved, as well as references to Husk and Longshot:

And finally, my favorite:

If that doesn't quite satisfy your need for exclusive hip hop tracks about mutants, CA also hosted Adam Warrock's (equally free) X-Factor EP! Go listen, and buy his (even more awesome) albums!

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