Everything about Sagawa Electronics' offer to create mechanized, superpowered exoskeletons for the first five buyers to cough up $124,000 (12.5 million yen) each seems fake. The video in which it announces the offer is presented by a guy named Scarface Santaro. It's advertised as making schoolgirls "cute" and keeping housewives from having to touch raw fish. It feels like it has to be satire. But nope. Apparently it's a real offer. The whole, jaw-dropping video (for the wonders of the technology, its downright weirdness and the casual sexism all) is after the jump.



If you're interested in the comic that Scarface Santaro mentions near the end, Sagawa has an English version available for download here. In brief, it's basically a Suda 51 video game cutscene in comic form. But if it wasn't crazy, it wouldn't match the video, would it?

The video which includes a scene of a man whose face is full of scars kissing a plastic faceplate behind which there is a schoolgirl who is preparing to go off to war in her robot suit.

It's a weird time to live in, you guys.

[Via Gizmodo]

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