In "The Night Of The Ninja," a string of robberies seems pretty mundane for Gotham City until it's revealed that the criminal in question is a ninja. That's right: Ninja. Bruce Wayne is immediately troubled with the idea that a fellow martial arts student from his pre-Dark Knight past, Kyodai Ken, is seeking revenge by targeting companies run by Wayne Enterprises. Batman insists on leaving Robin behind during this particular assignment so that he can deal with the dangerous ninja (and rid himself of some demons related to past failures).


Is Batman Emotionally Intelligent

In this episode of The Arkham Sessions, we revisit the relationship between Bruce and Dick. Once again, resentment is exhibited by Dick as he tries to deal with Bruce's perfectionistic and strict mentoring style. Dick may be on to something -- Bruce appears to be closed off when it comes to the expression of his emotions. In fact, he may have deficits in the area ofemotional intelligence, which is one's ability to perceive, understand, and manage emotions. People who have low emotional intelligence, for instance, may have difficulty reading others' emotions and knowing what to say when others are grieving or in turmoil. They may also struggle with the ability to communicate their own emotions with facial expressions, gestures, posture and words. But is this truly a deficit with Bruce? We may be assured that he manages his own emotions with deliberate strategy; being too expressive may prevent him from maintaining his superhero ego. Nonetheless, his insensitivity is experienced by Dick as cold and distancing. Listen to the episode for our full analysis of Bruce's complex personality.


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