After years of bringing happiness to comic fans through DC books like Billy Batson and the Power of Shazam, Tiny Titans and the new Superman Family Adventures, Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani are returning to their indie comic roots with their new creator-owned collaboration, Aw Yeah Comics.Announced yesterday (Independence Day, of course), Aw Yeah Comics -- starring new creations Action Cat and Adventure Bug -- will be a monthly all-ages print comic available only directly from the creators at conventions or via the Skokie, Illinois store co-owned by Baltazar, Aureliani and Marc Hammond (One that, they explain, "celebrates and promotes everything that is wonderful about comics, toys, artwork, and the joy they bring to people," which also kind of sums up the appeal of their comics, really), although mail order details are said to be forthcoming.

According to the announcement, the series will feature rotating teams of creators that will change with each issue, featuring new and established creators. "Wait until you see who we have lined up," they promise. Accompanying the announcement were two pieces of artwork: the cover to the first issue, and an image showing characters that can be expected to appear in upcoming stories. In addition to Adventure Bug and Action Cat, there's also Awesome Bear, Daring Dog (and Darling Dog) and villains including the wonderfully-named South Paws, Polar Cycle and Abraham Linkage.

The series launches in September. Stay tuned to find out about that mail order deal, people who don't like in Skokie...

[Via Robot 6]

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