In a familiar development concerning superhero movies and their characters' creators, Chuck Dixon -- one of the two men responsible for Bane, the villain from The Dark Knight Rises -- is giving interviews about sharing the success of his creation. Somewhat unusually, however, it turns out that he's happy with how DC have treated him.Talking to Comic Book Resources, Dixon said that he and co-creator Graham Nolan have "seen money from Bane all along – the Lego games and the little Bane-shaped piece in the Spaghettios." He continued:

We always get a piece of what Bane makes. We'll see money from this movie. They have graphs and charts to figure out how much based on how many lines of dialogue he has and how much he's in the movie and how much impact he has on the story... I still talk to Licensing at DC. They still e-mail me and talk to me on the phone. We're copacetic there. I can't say a bad word about DC there. They're very diligent about following up on that front.

This is, of course, good news - If news that, depressingly, is still surprising considering comments from Jim Starlin regarding his lack of compensation (or even advance notice) from the Thanos cameo in Marvel's The Avengers, or the controversy surrounding the estate of Jack Kirby's lawsuit against Marvel for control of the various characters populating the Marvel movie universe. Wouldn't it be nice it publishers extended the kind of treatment Dixon and Nolan get -- Although, as Dixon himself notes, "Graham and I both signed participation agreements, which are good in perpetuity. So it's not up to them whether they take care of us" -- to everyone?

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