Ever since it relaunched at the start of DC's Rebirth era, Batman has been all about bringing things back to the Dark Knight's universe. In a few short months, we've seen returns for Hugo Strange, the Psycho Pirate, and even the Monster Men, currently causing trouble in a Bat-Family crossover, who first rampaged across Gotham City way back in 1941's Detective Comics #49.

When Batman #9 hits shelves in October, though, we're getting one of the biggest returns of them all from Tom King and Mikel Janin. Bane is back, and in case you were concerned that he wouldn't be all that threatening, he's reintroduced literally seated upon a throne of skulls.

The issue kicks off the "I Am Suicide" story, in which Batman breaks into Arkham Asylum to form his own version of the Suicide Squad for an invasion of Santa Prisca. He's going to be taking on one of his most brutal opponents for his only chance at saving Gotham Girl from being shattered by the Psycho Pirate's emotional manipulations. Check out a preview below!



Here's the full solicitation:

Written by Tom King
Art and Cover by Mikel Janin
Variant Cover by Tim Sale
On Sale October 19 | 32 pages, FC, $2.99 US | RATED T
“I Am Suicide” part one! Batman has always been crazy…but this? This is suicide! In order to retrieve Psycho-Pirate and save Gotham Girl, Batman must recruit a team from Amanda Waller to break into the most impenetrable prison in the world and steal from one of the Dark Knight’s greatest foes…Bane. The next great Batman story begins here!