In a slight departure from its blockier Blammoids line, DC Comics has entered a somewhat rounder vinyl world with new Mini 2.0 Funko Force toys focusing on Batman's friends and foes.

The upcoming line features Batman, Batgirl, Robin, the Joker and the Penguin in all Funko Force's trademark chibi glory, with each piece standing 3.75" tall or so. The line is currently available for preorder at online retailers such as Entertainment Earth, with an $8 price tag and estimated shipping dates that vary from September to October. Whatever the case, this fall will know some serious DC cuteness.

Funko Force has dabbled in comic book licenses before, having created bobbleheads based on the various suits from this summer's "Iron Man 2," as well as several Marvel Comics characters, but this cute line marks the first of the Mini 2.0 Funko Force line. Perhaps Funko will be making more Mini 2.0 madness happen with other properties soon?