Portland-based illustrator Benjamin Dewey has laid down lines in Conan and Star Wars books before, so we don't need to tell you that he really knows how to get his art on when it comes to strange worlds and detailed landscapes. As the co-creator of the fantasy webcomic Tales from the White Pony, he has also produced a swelling ongoing tale of troll and gnome action that's worth your attention.We note all of this because we got to clicking around through some of Dewey's shared online work recently and noticed some brilliant Super Mario Kart and Avatar pieces. His personal website and blog contain goldmines of eye candy for anyone who enjoys looking at dynamic pinup poses or, perhaps, ten Lord Vaders a leaping.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Harry Potter make appearances in his archives as well. Watch them get ready to rumble along with Link a few other favorite heroes we noticed below.

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