As you may have hear, we here at ComicsAlliance were somewhat less than pleased with Catwoman #1. Fortunately for us, there are people out there working tirelessly to make things better. That's why today, we're reaffirming our faith in the noble art of comics by spotlighting a few noble souls who did their best to fix that last page, including Mike Hawthorne, Ron Salas, Chip Zdarsky and our own Matt Wilson!Comic Twart's Ron Salas classes things up with the beautiful art of the metaphor:

Foulmouthed Canadian Chip Zdarsky shows us what we already knew in our hearts: that it's never the wrong timeto quote RoboCop:

War Rocket Ajax co-host Matt Wilson gives us Batman's point of view:

And finally, artist (and Twartist!) Mike Hawthorne goes so far as to actually redraw the entire sequence to make things a little more dignified:

It's a little too late for the issue that came out this week, but maybe they could swap it out for the paperback.

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