We've seen some pretty impressive sketchbooks over the years, but when it comes to ingenuity, Chris McVeigh has topped just about everyone. He's an artist specializing in LEGO creations, and while he does a lot of awesome creations based on old computers or cameras, he's also been doing "sketches," complete with LEGO "pens" (a pretty nice touch).

Check out his bricky take on Batman, Raphael, Pikachu, Jake the Dog and more below!


Beware the Batman

Brick Sketch 12: Head of the Snake

I choose you!

C is for Cookie


Today we are cancelling the apocalypse!

Bite my shiny plastic ___!

It's Prime Time!


The Empire's Finest

For more, check out McVeigh's Flickr stream and get a look at other awesome creations on his site!

[via Dave Lartigue]